Feb 18, 2007

Demand Democratic Debates - www.demanddemocraticdebates.ca

so...it seems that we may be heading towards another federal election soon and there is a big push being made to have The Green Party leader Elizabeth May included in the debates. i for one think she should be there to represent all of us who do not have faith in the "establishment" and to hi-lite the issues of the environment, social justice, and the uncertain future we as canadians are facing.

click on the banner if you want to add your name to the petition - and vote green in the next election.

Feb 13, 2007

man alive! winter has calgary in its clutches and i am having to get creative in finding ways to stay active during this winter snap. i decided to strap on the snowshoes and head out to Shaganappi Golf Course for a little hike as they have not groomed and xc ski trails yet (WTF!) and there is too much snow on the ground to go for a MTB ride. i hate to admit it but i enjoyed myself and will probably add snowshoeing to my list of carter approved outdoor activities.