Nov 30, 2008


on tuesday the boy and i will be hopping a plane, another plane, and then a bus to make our way to cape breton island for a holiday at grandma and grandpa's house. i am excited to get away from alberta for awhile and do basically nothing for 9 days.

nothing. for 9 days. i wonder if i'll go crazy?

i am hoping my daily routine looks something like this...
- wake up late and eat first breakfast
- core workout and short run
- shower and second breakfast
- nap
- lunch
- nap
- dinner
- bedtime
hopefully by the end of this break i will be well rested and have established a regular daily workout regime that i can bring back with me and continue doing here in alberta. my poor old body is hurting a lot these days and most of the pain/hurt is rooted in a complete lack of flexibility and sad lack of core strength.

i will try and post some stories of the "nothingness" occuring in little judique and if you're lucky (and if i am lucky) i'll get a report up from the alexander keith's brewery tour scheduled for 10 days from now. that should be fun!

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those of you that know me will also know that i love riding my bikes and racing has been fun for sometime too. i am finding that i am less interested in racing these last couple of years but still very passionate about riding nonetheless, even if it means i am riding slower than in the past. i came across this great little tidit while cruising around on sheldon brown's site...have a read, and go ride your bike - slowly - forever.

Nov 28, 2008

Buy Nothing Day - today!

Do your part for the planet and fight the greedy corporatistas by sitting on your wallet and staying out of stores. I am guessing there is no coincidence in that today is "Black Friday" in the US and BND too...

Nov 20, 2008

Guitar Hero By Bike

Nov 19, 2008

Court hears victim shot, lit on fire and dropped over embankment

gee-zus - the details are coming out on what happened to BK in his final moments and it is not pretty. see this for more info...

here is a link to the latest info on the trial...

and the latest on the trial...

well...the details of the murder are comng out and getting interesting...

finally - the jury has come to the conclusion that that fucker is guilty. hopefully BK's family can now begin the final stages of mourning his loss.


Nov 16, 2008

movember supporter

byron davis, leader of our fine cycle club, is growing his moustache to raise money for prostate cancer in canada. its a cool idea that was started in australia and has since spread around the world. click on the link for more info or to donate...

Movember - Sponsor Me
second snow of the season

mr. henson looks rather fetching all draped in white!

Nov 15, 2008

i am too lazy to post about anything these days...

k - well, disregard what i said above. i do have one thing to post about - i figured out how to skid on a fixie today.

i am very proud of myself.

tap tap tap (sound of me patting myself on the back)

Nov 10, 2008

the fuzzy bike is dead! long live the fuzzy bike!

the indoor race is in the rearview mirror and it sounds like everyone that attended had a great time. the racing was fast and exciting, with crazy action and antics all day long. i raced the mr. henson in the 1Cog category and made it through 3 heats to make the final and in the final race i cased the landing on the jump so hard i broke 30 of the 36 spokes in the rear wheel - as well as broke something inside the headset as the handlebars dont turn anymore. after the third heat i had a feeling that the fuzzy bike would not be able to handle one more heat and - sure enough - the final heat was also the final moments for my fuzzy flying machine!

i guess i'd better put mr. henson out to pasture and begin searching for another bike to fuzz-i-fy and continue to spread the fuzzy love!

Nov 9, 2008

the remnants of our indoor cyclocross race...

Nov 8, 2008

picnic table bike

goofy - i know...but pretty cool too.

Nov 5, 2008

first snow of the season...

Nov 4, 2008

Trial into cyclist's shooting death to start today...finally!

those of you that are familiar with this tragic act will be glad to see this asshole will finally go to trial. its been almost exactly 2 years since Brian went missing and was subsequently found shot to death west of Bragg Creek.

Personally, I liked Brian - although he drove me kind of crazy sometimes - however he was a great guy and is missed by many to this day - including myself.

if you want some background info, check my blog posts from 2 years ago - there are a few posts and various links there to read.

hopefully this guy gets what he deserves and becomes some big dude's bitch!