Nov 30, 2008


on tuesday the boy and i will be hopping a plane, another plane, and then a bus to make our way to cape breton island for a holiday at grandma and grandpa's house. i am excited to get away from alberta for awhile and do basically nothing for 9 days.

nothing. for 9 days. i wonder if i'll go crazy?

i am hoping my daily routine looks something like this...
- wake up late and eat first breakfast
- core workout and short run
- shower and second breakfast
- nap
- lunch
- nap
- dinner
- bedtime
hopefully by the end of this break i will be well rested and have established a regular daily workout regime that i can bring back with me and continue doing here in alberta. my poor old body is hurting a lot these days and most of the pain/hurt is rooted in a complete lack of flexibility and sad lack of core strength.

i will try and post some stories of the "nothingness" occuring in little judique and if you're lucky (and if i am lucky) i'll get a report up from the alexander keith's brewery tour scheduled for 10 days from now. that should be fun!

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