Apr 29, 2007

random nonsense

hi y'all. i have not been posting much due to the a collection of circumstances all coming together at the same time...camera broke...got new job...very busy with that...feeling kinda blah...being a dad...self-imposed exile from the computer...laadeedaa.

i am hoping to have my new employer buy me a new camera...business expense of course...and i am anxiously awaiting the beginning of the racing season, which for me is the bici crit out at race city. i am having a hard time getting going with the fitness this year due to new job, bad weather, no money stress - but hopefully the bici crit will kick me into gear and get me excited to train and try and meet the goals i set out for myself this season.

speaking of this season, i think it will be my last one of racing. time to move on and pursue other interests - like ducati's and gardening. but before i hang up the chamois i need to get that one win i have been after for years in the bag. until that point i guess its legshaving...chamois wearing...tuesday crits...thursday track...and not much beer swillin - le sigh.

Apr 23, 2007


what a cool idea? our fellas over at canada's favorite road team have come up with a very hip way to spread their gospel. check it out...

Symmetrics publishes comic book
The Symmetrics Pro Cycling team will be releasing a 16-page, full colour promotional comic book in early June. The book was written and created by Matt Hansen, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics' Dabel Brothers line and PR writer for Symmetrics. To pencil the comic, Hansen chose Eduardo Ferigato, a professional comic artist from Glass House Graphics, an art studio known for its work with several famous Marvel and DC titles like Spiderman, X-Men, or Superman, to name a few. Matt Moylan, who has worked with many notable franchises, including "The Transformers" comic books, will color the book.

The team will be giving these comics away at all the big races throughout the US, such as Philly Week, BC Superweek, the National Championships, to name but a few.

Apr 20, 2007

random nonsense

Apr 16, 2007

random nonsense

in keeping with my recent re-facination with all things muppet - i bring you ernie doing firestarter by prodigy. good job ernie!

the sound quality is low, so you may need to turn up the volume a 'lil.

Apr 4, 2007


i'd say this is pretty self-explanitory...

random nonsense

i love kermit. i love NIN. i love johnny. what could be better than this?