Apr 29, 2007

random nonsense

hi y'all. i have not been posting much due to the a collection of circumstances all coming together at the same time...camera broke...got new job...very busy with that...feeling kinda blah...being a dad...self-imposed exile from the computer...laadeedaa.

i am hoping to have my new employer buy me a new camera...business expense of course...and i am anxiously awaiting the beginning of the racing season, which for me is the bici crit out at race city. i am having a hard time getting going with the fitness this year due to new job, bad weather, no money stress - but hopefully the bici crit will kick me into gear and get me excited to train and try and meet the goals i set out for myself this season.

speaking of this season, i think it will be my last one of racing. time to move on and pursue other interests - like ducati's and gardening. but before i hang up the chamois i need to get that one win i have been after for years in the bag. until that point i guess its legshaving...chamois wearing...tuesday crits...thursday track...and not much beer swillin - le sigh.


Petrina said...

Hey Sean,

Do you have a ducati?

RD said...

Damn, no you didn't!

There will still be beer swilling regardless, sorry to say. Nothing is so important to take that away from us!