Feb 16, 2008

spaghetti and meatballs review #2

bonjour! i am finally back from my trip to montreal and i am very happy to be back in sunny alberta. while in la belle province i had hoped to find a restaurant that did spag&balls - however - i was horrified to discover that many eating establishments in montreal dont sell it. weird! whats up with that? anyway, i have a new review for you from a fantastic eatery here in calgary - have a read and i would encourage you to check out the redwater for dinner sometime...

a brief reminder...all reviews are scored on a "3-meatball" system. the dish is broken down into its 3 component parts - noodles, sauce, and balls. the best possible rating is 3 meatballs. i know its simple - shut the hell up!!!

redwater grille - northwest calgary
noodles - thick and nicely cooked - score one ball.
sauce - fantastic! incredibly tasty and cheesy - score one ball.
balls - simply amazing - the best i've had. they were made from bison meat, perfectly spicy and not too moist. score one ball.

score - 3 balls out of 3.

i had only one concern when the meal was presented to us - that concern being the little racoon that popped his head out the top of the noodles (if you look you can see him clearly). however he was easily scared away and i was able to enjoy the 5 balls and noodles slowly with a wonderful californian shiraz and the company of my main squeeze.

Feb 15, 2008

Feb 11, 2008

...i'm still here in montreal...pictures from dinner festivus below...

Feb 8, 2008

salut from la belle province!

i am here to stand around and look important in the thule booth at the NSIA and - more importantly - to try and give you - my faithful reader - a glimpse at life here in quebec. tonite i went to dinner with sean, gary, and steve at weinstein's (on cresent) and we did our best to be as loud and obnoxious as possible - in a fun way.

tomorrow we have a meeting in the morning and then an afternoon of "skiing" on Mt.Bromont...kinda wishing i brought some armour and sharpened edges!

she liked the tip we gave her!

wynne'rs meal

'da quebec'rs can brew a decent pilsner

Feb 7, 2008

trevor and myself held our birthday party at tubby dog last nite - good times! the rest of the pictures can be found by clicking on the picture box on the right hand side.

Feb 5, 2008

...why dont we have an alleycat in calgary? or do we...hmmmm? anyone know?