Jan 30, 2008

ah yes - winter. cold enough for ya? i would love to complain but the reality is that here in calgary we have had (till this week) quite a reasonalbly mild fall and winter (till this week). i am terrified to see my gas bill next month as i dont think my furnace has shut off for 5 days straight! i guess we were due though as its been a really long time since we have had such a nasty cold snap. not that i am a diligent reader of the farmers almanac - but those guys were predicting a very cold winter for us this year. smart-ass-farmer-weathermen-told-you-so's...

i am 3 weeks into my new challenge - being coached for racing - and so far so good. i was expecting to have to fight through some of my own issues - specifically - issues relating to be told what to do (i dont do so well with authority) and scheduling. i am notorious for letting time slip away by avoiding my responsibilities (blogging is a function of this) and i am an expert at getting what i want when i want it. well, i am happy to report that i am actually starting to like not having control over my training and am starting to feel the positive effects of the workouts i am doing. small victories can add up to huge opportunities - thats what i am hoping for.

see you at the finish line!

Jan 23, 2008

hey - the new alberta racing calendar is up and this fella thinks it looks fantastic! here are a few things that caught this guy's eye...

- calgary bike week - 6 days of racing in 8 days in the calgary area
- a crit has been added to the pigeon lake weekend
- 11 - count em - 11 cyclocross events - including National's in Edmonton
- Banff Stage Race - awesomeness!
- 2 new (kinda) mountain bike venues and lots of new events

all in all i think the new people at the ABA have done an incredible job of building arguably the most complete race calendar this provinve has seen - maybe ever!

see you out there!

Jan 19, 2008

i have no idea what to say about this...

Jan 8, 2008

spaghetti and meatballs review #1

alright - so i was struck by a bolt of lightning sometime back and this bolt of lightning told me that i had to source out the best spaghetti and meatballs i could find during all my travels. here is my first review. all reviews are scored on a "3-meatball" system. the dish is broken down into its 3 component parts - noodles, sauce, and balls. the best possible rating is 3 meatballs. i know its simple - shut the hell up!!!

here we go...

L&W restaurant - jasper alberta
Noodles - perfect al dente noodles. some of the best i've eaten. scores 1 ball.
Sauce - solid, but lacking personality of any kind. no balls scored.
Meatballs - big, tasty, and very very good. They had a little zip - i like that! scores one ball.

Score - 2 balls out of 3.

Jan 5, 2008


whilst searching around the 'net for cycling-related-stuff i came across this page . click on the video and hold your breath.

also worth surfing through is this, this , and this too.