Sep 29, 2006

Vegas Baby!

so...i decided i had had enough of las vegas and changed my flight to come home a day early. there is only so much stale-air-conditioning-bad-food-fat-yank that a self-respecting canadian can take ya know! having said that - the interbike show was pretty cool. this is the ultimate place to come if you are into bicycles as pretty much everything in the bike universe is on display for 3 days. i made it out to the on-dirt-demo on tuesday with the intention of doing a couple shuttles and hitting the dirt jumps. good intentions. what really happened was that it was tough to get a bike so i ended up sampling the beer being poured by mavic, kona, etc. that in itself was fun - nothing quite like drinking beers in 100+ degree heat in the desert. here are some photos i thought were note-worthy...

Sep 24, 2006

Jesse's B-Day party in pictures...

...but first - by the numbers...

64 - number of empty beers in the morning
22 - revellers
5 - bags of chips
4 - people that had to sleep over
3 - bikes of mine ridden home by revellers
2 - bottles of gin
1 - 40 of rum
1 - 26 of tequila
1 - dairy queen ice cream cake
1 - lost jimmy - what happened buddy?

Sep 21, 2006

World Championships News -

From Canadian Cyclist - Canadian national time trial champion Alex Wrubleski, at her first Worlds, crashed in the final few kilometers when she misjudged a corner in the technical and twisty city streets."Five kilometers to the finish, I didn't realize that the course was entering a more technical section and I had my head down. I looked up too late into a corner, and just went straight into a fence. Before that, I felt solid, and I think I would have been top-15 for sure.""I'm not sure exactly how I hit the fence, but it was pretty much straight on - I don't think the marshal expected me to come straight at him! It bent the front wheel, and I banged up my (left) knee; but I think it should be okay for Saturday (road race)."

FYI - the is a 2-page spread in the latest velonews featuring Alex - check it out.

You gotta admire the girl for pushing so hard she crashed! Better luck awaits in the roadrace alex!

Sep 18, 2006

starbucks is evil!!! the truth is out!!! not only does it cost you sixbucks everytime you walk into one of their stores - now it may kill you!!!

A regular latte or cappuccino from a Canadian coffee shop packs a punch in fat and calories, a new report shows. Starbucks started the sweet trend to lure people who don't necessarily like plain coffee. The Centre for Science in the Public Interest took a close look at the offerings from Canada's big three coffee chains, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and the Second Cup. Starbucks' blueberry green tea Frappuccino was the worst, weighing in at 560 calories and nine grams of fat per 16-ounce serving. A Tim Hortons double-double — with two creams and two sugars — has 160 calories per 10-ounce cup. A black coffee had about 10 calories and no fat. One drink could pack the 500 to 600 calories of a healthy dinner of chicken breast, rice and vegetables, said Dana Wilkinson, nutrition research co-ordinator at the University of Alberta. Starbucks declined to comment on the report's findings. In a statement, the company said they offer "a wide variety of options." Starbucks started the sweet trend to lure people who don't necessarily like plain coffee. The strategy introduces people to coffee culture through a form they're already familiar with, such as milkshakes and soft drinks, Bouchard said. The strategy worked, and the high-calorie drinks are among the most popular at coffee kiosks across Canada. But a single beverage can represent a quarter of your recommended daily caloric intake, with little nutritional value. A daily double-double or low-fat latte adds up to an extra 17 pounds of fat in one year.

well - i guess that means no more daily double-double's for me if i want to maintain this svelte figure of mine.

Sep 13, 2006

i found this cool video from this years burning man festival - it was put together by ninjatunes

Sep 8, 2006

...back from montreal!

I went to the annual BTAC show in montreal - here are some photos of stuff that caught my eye...

the new wilier cento - very beautiful!

lapierre bikes from france are now available in canada and they had some amazing looking mountainbikes including this DH machine - slick!

this "alien" sculpture was created my buddy steve mitchell out of old bike bits!

the new xtr components are without question the most incredible hardparts i have ever seen.

click on the link - i wonder if there would be any interest on a home-grown, underground event here in alberta - say - down Mt.Norquay?

Sep 7, 2006

...the trickster

...beautiful nite for a bike ride...

Sep 4, 2006

Bike Biz (UK) August Issue

Check it out for some interesting tidbits on the bicycle business from the inventors of bangers and mash.
happy labour day

went to golden on saturday nite with pete and travis for a nite of camping and preparation for the last assault of Mt.7 this season. we rednecked it up pretty good withthe biggest fire i have seen this summer and plenty of eat and drink to keep us fuelled as well. i discovered a new way to start a fire when lacking kindling - which was fun - and the trails on sunday morning were perfect. what was kinda weird was the stunning lack of people out on the mountain. all three of us rode the first run together with the hope that we would quickly catch a ride back up but we ended up sitting and waiting for 30min until a kite-flyin-ass-face agreed to give pete a lift to the top for a fee! peter had to pay this guy to take him up the mountain where he was going anyway. loser kite flyer! after that we took turns driving the truck back down and ripped off 4 more fast runs before calling it a day.

Sep 1, 2006

pic of upper kananaskis lake in the morning