Sep 21, 2006

World Championships News -

From Canadian Cyclist - Canadian national time trial champion Alex Wrubleski, at her first Worlds, crashed in the final few kilometers when she misjudged a corner in the technical and twisty city streets."Five kilometers to the finish, I didn't realize that the course was entering a more technical section and I had my head down. I looked up too late into a corner, and just went straight into a fence. Before that, I felt solid, and I think I would have been top-15 for sure.""I'm not sure exactly how I hit the fence, but it was pretty much straight on - I don't think the marshal expected me to come straight at him! It bent the front wheel, and I banged up my (left) knee; but I think it should be okay for Saturday (road race)."

FYI - the is a 2-page spread in the latest velonews featuring Alex - check it out.

You gotta admire the girl for pushing so hard she crashed! Better luck awaits in the roadrace alex!


Anonymous said...

Alex, have a great road race!

The Experience said...

Heads up seven up!