Sep 4, 2006

happy labour day

went to golden on saturday nite with pete and travis for a nite of camping and preparation for the last assault of Mt.7 this season. we rednecked it up pretty good withthe biggest fire i have seen this summer and plenty of eat and drink to keep us fuelled as well. i discovered a new way to start a fire when lacking kindling - which was fun - and the trails on sunday morning were perfect. what was kinda weird was the stunning lack of people out on the mountain. all three of us rode the first run together with the hope that we would quickly catch a ride back up but we ended up sitting and waiting for 30min until a kite-flyin-ass-face agreed to give pete a lift to the top for a fee! peter had to pay this guy to take him up the mountain where he was going anyway. loser kite flyer! after that we took turns driving the truck back down and ripped off 4 more fast runs before calling it a day.

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