Sep 24, 2006

Jesse's B-Day party in pictures...

...but first - by the numbers...

64 - number of empty beers in the morning
22 - revellers
5 - bags of chips
4 - people that had to sleep over
3 - bikes of mine ridden home by revellers
2 - bottles of gin
1 - 40 of rum
1 - 26 of tequila
1 - dairy queen ice cream cake
1 - lost jimmy - what happened buddy?


Anonymous said...
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Reid Dalgleish said...

Whew - just looking at the pics gives me a hangover! Looks like a lot of fun. I regret to say I was a homebody and didn't do anything this weekend - LAME-O!

PEr said...

Jesse Carter!? I havn't seen that guy since the glory days of S+A...the days of Jim as well, beloved memories.

miss newson said...

hey.... great party.... ;)