Sep 18, 2006

starbucks is evil!!! the truth is out!!! not only does it cost you sixbucks everytime you walk into one of their stores - now it may kill you!!!

A regular latte or cappuccino from a Canadian coffee shop packs a punch in fat and calories, a new report shows. Starbucks started the sweet trend to lure people who don't necessarily like plain coffee. The Centre for Science in the Public Interest took a close look at the offerings from Canada's big three coffee chains, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and the Second Cup. Starbucks' blueberry green tea Frappuccino was the worst, weighing in at 560 calories and nine grams of fat per 16-ounce serving. A Tim Hortons double-double — with two creams and two sugars — has 160 calories per 10-ounce cup. A black coffee had about 10 calories and no fat. One drink could pack the 500 to 600 calories of a healthy dinner of chicken breast, rice and vegetables, said Dana Wilkinson, nutrition research co-ordinator at the University of Alberta. Starbucks declined to comment on the report's findings. In a statement, the company said they offer "a wide variety of options." Starbucks started the sweet trend to lure people who don't necessarily like plain coffee. The strategy introduces people to coffee culture through a form they're already familiar with, such as milkshakes and soft drinks, Bouchard said. The strategy worked, and the high-calorie drinks are among the most popular at coffee kiosks across Canada. But a single beverage can represent a quarter of your recommended daily caloric intake, with little nutritional value. A daily double-double or low-fat latte adds up to an extra 17 pounds of fat in one year.

well - i guess that means no more daily double-double's for me if i want to maintain this svelte figure of mine.


PEr said...

Just learn to drink it black. To me putting cream in coffee is like watering down dark beer. It changes the flavour completely and far removes you from the authentic coffee experience.
If you want cream in your coffee drink hot chocolate, if you put water in your stout drink Corona.

Reid Dalgleish said...

Yes - coffee is meant to be drunk black and harsh, just the way gob intended! Who would've thunk a 'coffee' (what the #$()* is a frappucino anyways? Fucking Starbucks!) could ever contain 560 calories, unless it was a cup of sugar with a bit of coffee on top? Yum.

Love the new site. Isn't Battlestar Galactica the freakin coolest show out there? Joe and I are completely addicted. Can't wait for the new season in a couple of weeks!

The Experience said...

Espresso. Double. Black. Cadence.