Nov 10, 2008

the fuzzy bike is dead! long live the fuzzy bike!

the indoor race is in the rearview mirror and it sounds like everyone that attended had a great time. the racing was fast and exciting, with crazy action and antics all day long. i raced the mr. henson in the 1Cog category and made it through 3 heats to make the final and in the final race i cased the landing on the jump so hard i broke 30 of the 36 spokes in the rear wheel - as well as broke something inside the headset as the handlebars dont turn anymore. after the third heat i had a feeling that the fuzzy bike would not be able to handle one more heat and - sure enough - the final heat was also the final moments for my fuzzy flying machine!

i guess i'd better put mr. henson out to pasture and begin searching for another bike to fuzz-i-fy and continue to spread the fuzzy love!

1 comment:

t.hudson said...

may you rest in peace mr. henson. Sorry S that is fricking funny. I'm miffed i missed it.