Dec 25, 2006

holiday cheer!

now that the busy holiday merriment season has reached its climax, i thought i would share a few photos from the last week. i had the great pleasure of meeting my uncle buddy for the first time on dec.23 and what a cool cat he is. it was great to share a few bevvies with him and my dad and generally get festive. there is a picture below of my dad and uncle deep into the pits of merriment! also, i hosted a gathering here on dec.24th which was well attended and super fun. keech and co., bayly and co., kovacs and co., were some of the "cycling" attendees. i think all told there were about 20+ people that made an appearance and sipped a few. it was really great to see al of you - you know who you are. to top it all off i was able to miraculously hook up with cummings and bayly today for a great road ride. i felt way better than i was expecting to and am hoping to ride everyday for the next 2 weeks while LG> is shutdown - mini-winter-trainincamp. thats all for now - off to T&J's for deep-fried gobblegobble and more festive boozin'. here are some pics...

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