May 14, 2007


bici crit and pedalhead xc report - well, i survived the bici crit and made it to the finish with the group. doesnt sound like much i know - but it feels like an accomplishment to me. it was soooo windy, windy enough that most of the peleton was content to ride into the headwind with out too much aggression but also windy enough that i was almost dropped in the tailwind section every lap! the hi-lite of the race had to be the "rogue rider" that jumped into the race wearing this yellow/green ensemble that was quite dashing. baggy soccer shorts, high socks and a wife beater - why have i been wearing lycra all this time?

after the race i jumped in the van and made the 3hr tour to edmonton to partake in the Pedalhead Alberta Cup #2 held at sunridge ski area. this was a brand new course that was very twisty, up-and-down, and long laps. it was super fun and it felt great to be out racing MTB again. i basically sucked but was happy to finish - especially considering i lost both my water bottles in the first 10 minutes! i guess i will be looking for new bottle cages to prevent that situation again.

overall - it was a fun weekend of racing and the fire i was hoping would be lit under my ass has been stoked and is burning bright.


RD said...

Good on you. How did the XC race go?

Fires stoked under your ass, eh? I still need a bit more lighter fluid.

PEr said...

Nice work, that is some commitment you are showing. Road and mtb in one weekend, more people should do that, a true champion in the making.