Dec 23, 2007

the beginning of winter

i hosted my annual solstice gathering and was delighted to have about 20 people come by to enjoy the longest night of the year together. all the usual suspects were on hand as well as a few "newbies" - which included sara, jon, eliot, and irfan (who is a resident of phoenix). here are a few pics from the firepit - which was witness to the sacrifice of jesse's old snowboard. it was a beautiful night - no wind - not too cold and a little snow around adding to the ambiance.

the next day a few of the gang headed down to the ship and anchor for the open stage jam and some second breakfast (or lunch). this afternoon is one of my favorite things to do - i can have andreas with me, eat, listen to live music and enjoy a pint of the ship's finest. we were stoked to hear the bownesians were to play and they eventually played their hit - "she's from montgomery and he's from bowness".

good times.

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