Mar 17, 2008

...gettin' my redneck on!

well, phase one of the engine swap is done - the dead engine is out of PeeVee and the new one is ready to go in.

i have a few more critical items to purchase before we drop the new motor in but otherwise we're ready. this is my first attempt at doing an engine swap and considering i haven't even changed my own oil before i think we did a pretty amazing job so far. one of the things that has blown me away is that we really only needed a 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm socket, a phillips and slot screwdriver, and lots of elbow grease and skinned knuckles to get it out - crazy i tell ya!

many thanks to Redneck for his expertise and patience! You da man!

hopefully before too too long the new engine will be lowered into PeeVee and he'll be runnin' tiptop again!

now - onto enjoying my holiday this week and riding/resting/chillin' as much as i can...

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The Experience said...

That looks like a mess. I'm glad it's working out so far.