Jul 3, 2008

happy belated canada day!

in an effort to get all the various bikes/frames/parts that are floating around in my shop put to some use i have completed another custom bike. i am proud to present to you "ratrod" - inspired by those flat-black muscle cars and old land yachts that seem to be everywhere in calgary these days. i know, i know - she doesnt look like much - thats kiinda the point - whats important is whats under the hood - or in this case, whos pedalling it!

here are some specs for ya...
- dyno glide frame, fork, and chainguard, flat black
- found 26" wheels donated by mr. glass (thx bud!)
- found old-skool schwinn stem and bar, flat black
- dyno 1-piece crank and dyno pedals
- nirve 26" whitewall "badass" tires and nirve grips
- electra headlight and old-skool horn

she rides real nice with a position on the bike that is similar to some of the original track bikes and motorcycles. can't wait to ride it around this summer!

1 comment:

t.hudson said...

nicely done carter.