Sep 2, 2008

gig in the park 2008 - pics are here.

what a good time! i have heard nadia talk about this party for about a year now and it did not disappoint. it was really nice to have (what felt like) the entire area to ourselves and the weather played nice although it was looking really threatening the first day we got there. thankfully the rains stayed away and the weekend was perfect. making our time even more perfect was the "covered wagon" - which was sheila's (nadia sister) name for the trailer that sheila and kelly pulled out there for all of us to sleep in. this thing was great - circa 1977. i am glad we had it as the mornings were very chilly while we were all cozy inside. the gig itself was great too with 5 guys up on the custom-flatbed-trailer-cum-stage belting out tunes into the night while the rest of us got on with the most important part of camping - getting hammered by the fire! good times! what else did we do? - - - oh ya, built a sweat lodge on the beach, burned more driftwood than is explainable, potluck dinners, frisbee, consuming that cube of pilsner, eating beef and pork tenderloin, bison burgers too - yum! we'll be back for the next one, scheduled for the september long weekend in 2010 - see you there too!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Carter! had a great time with you at the Gig. Luv your pics and blog. What a great time! Can't wait till 2010. Hope to see you soon. XO