Oct 2, 2008

a copy of this is on the way to me as we speak - yey! ever since i was a boy of 15 and saw, for the first time, coverage of this race on cbs sports, i have been completely enthralled, mesmerized and shocked at the ability of the riders and the brutality of the course. this one event - paris-roubaix - is what caused me to dream of racing, of winning races, of becoming a champion. needless to say, i've never been a champion of anything (maybe being a dad, i'll let you know in 15 yrs) but have won my fair share of races over the years and have never lost that feeling i first got upon seeing the riders clamber across the cobbles, crashing, bloodied - winning.

whos up for a group screening?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr carter, Good flick if you love the PR...

Mr. Gilchrist