Dec 31, 2008


i have never really been much of the new-years-resolution-type - but this one is worth considering.

here is my personal story relating to this idea...this past summer i installed an xtracycle freerad kit onto an older mtb i had hanging around with the aim of using it for some local shopping, farmers market trips and taking the boy to school. i wanted to try and do my part for the environment as well as live a little closer to my community and reduce my personal impact in my community. all of that happened, but what was surprising to me was how easy it was to do, how thouroughly enjoyable it was, and how often i left the van parked. throughout the summer and fall, my first choice was to hop on the "tankbike" whenever i could for the simple fact that i felt like i was sticking it to "the man" everytime i rode it!

for those of you out there that are wondering how you can make a contribution to your local community, or save money, or live simpler - this might be an easy first step.

check out walk score as well - a very cool tool for info on services close to where you live.

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SiouxGeonz said...


SO often I hear people saying how much easier it was than they thought it would be, and how much FUN.

FUN, remember what that is?