Mar 16, 2009


in keeping with my goal of completing a "fixie century" this summer i got out on the weekend and got 50km on the fixed gear. it felt great and my legs are not nearly as sore and stiff as the last time i rode. i rode pretty much the same route as last time (see previous post) but extended it a little by heading down through north glenmore park and back over the glenmore dam to river park - where i reconnected with my city loop.

one thing i have noticed is the strength that seems to be building in my quads from riding the fixie on the road. i think its because of two factors - simply having to stomp up hills encountered and skid-stops. i could feel my right quad wanting to cramp a little yesterday during a couple quick stops, which forced me to start skidding more with the left leg to balance it out and avoid the horror that is quad cramps - didnt get a cramp, dont want one!

i had my gps with me but failed to restart it after a quick water stop at bow cycle - so no map this time - sorry.

next up - f60 this week sometime.

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