Jan 7, 2007

an inconvenient truth

i just finished watching this movie and for those of you who have not seen it - you should. if you pay attention to all the info out there about global warming, this movie will not really tell you much more than you probably already know. however...

what i came away with was simply this - we all need to do something - anything - to try and get our emissions under control. if we do not solve this problem our children and their children are gonna have a really difficult time living at the same levels as we do.

i dont want to come across as chicken little here - reid already has that t-shirt - but all of you who read this should see this movie, tell your freinds to see it, and spread the word. together we can make a difference if we want to.

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Reid Dalgleish said...

I prefer the title 'Cassandra' to 'Chicken Little'. Doesn't make me sound quite as crazy, and implies that I'm right in the end as opposed to just throwing around horseshit.

Even if things aren't happening in the timescale predicted by the 'alarmists', the outcome is apparently inevitable if we don't do anything, maybe merely delayed. I would like to think that the predictions are right and that 2007 and 2008 are the years that the issues of our environment and climate change really come to the forefront of government and corporate policy and that something tangible gets designed and implemented. I shudder to think if it takes another 10 years at our current rates of gobbling up fossil fuels before anything is truly even started. Hard to believe that Kyoto is almost ten years old already? Is this how long it takes for anything to get done on a large scale? If that's all we're capable of presently, better start getting on those personal 'Option B' plans today.

I find it very disturbing that more and more climatologists and environmentalists every day are coming forward to say how FUBARed we already are. I have often wondered why the scientific community has been so quiet all these years when you would think something of this scale would bring out the loudest rebuttals by even the most quiet researchers. Maybe they're in denial too, or are so convinced we are way so fucked that it doesn't matter whether they say anything or not. The ball should have really started to get rolling with Carter and the fuel crisis in the 1970s, but now it's almost 30 years later, we've burned up as much in that time as all the years prior to that, and the effects in the environment take decades to present their full effect. Anyone want to gather a guess on how things will look in 2050? I feel really bad that knowing what I know now, I couldn't really see anything for what it really was when I was younger and more idealistic. Weird how things work out, eh?

Whatever. We've got to deal with things as they come. No point blaming anyone or anything. This path (and its consequences) was laid out long before we came along.

Chicken Little, er, Cassandra out.