Jan 25, 2007

An Interesting and Inconvient Reality

Are you curious about your own personal carbon emmisions? Head on over to this link and fill in the spaces - you will probably be surprised to see the results.

Happy Footprinting!


Reid Dalgleish said...

Ahh...footprints. It's unnerving to think that those of us who consciously try to reduce our footprints are still way too high. Imagine the people that don't give a shit!

Reid Dalgleish said...

Vehicle: 0.84
Flights: 2.63
Home: 2.47

Total: 5.95

In the past year, you have emitted about 5.95 tonnes of CO2.

That’s right on the average.

I know I fly way too much. That's what I gotta stop doing. So wasteful....I look at like, well, when Peak Oil hits, the commercial airlines are going to be the first to disappear, so I might as well get all my travelling in now before it will be unaffordable. Then I'll start worrying about buying a house!!!!

See, we can justify anything in our own heads!