Mar 28, 2007


well - with the end of my LG> gig coming fast i have decided that i am going to resurrect my old-skool Look KG 381 and race on it this year. i had forgotten how nice a machine this bike is to ride. granted, its not as light or as stiff as the bikes that are available today - but you know what - this guy doesnt give a rat's ass! and - in the spirit of economy and modesty - i think this bike is more than enough for my beer-swillin-burger-eatin-crit-ridin-middle-aged-cat.3-ass.

some specs can be found below. the keen eyes will notice the track inspired cockpit detail...

look kg 381 hm carbon frame/aluminum lugs - 54 cm
fsa team carbon crank/dura-ace bb - 50/38
12-23 9sp (11-21 for crits)
mavic calipers and headset
vitus post/avocet o2 saddle
3t bars and 3t track stem
mavic cosmos wheels

"get on the train - she's leavin the station!"

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