Mar 28, 2007

random nonsense

i love george's show - the hour. i must confess that sometimes he is annoying, especially when he is trying to be funny, but overall he does a great job of presenting todays news in a way thats intelligent and on target. on top of that, he gets interviews with some of the coolest and most interesting guest out there.

anyway - he did a piece on a guerilla artist out of england - called banksy. for some reason i cannot link to his site, so here it is - - no one knows who this guy is as he works alone and shuns publicity - no shit - probably not a bad idea considering some of the stuff he's done would have in thrown in jail. check out his stuff - its pretty cool.

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Petrina said...

Hey Sean, I too am a fan of Strombos, and find him annoying when trying to be funny, or giving too much of his opinions - but he's a great interviewer. Do you hear the clip of the 14 year girl band that he played the other night? I think they were called the Dams. I'm enjoying your updates, have fun on the Look. Petrina