May 5, 2009


people in canada - and the prairie provinces in particular - love "big stuff".

if you have spent anytime on a roadtrip in canada, you have definitely spotted some kind of oversized thingy near the hiway. one of the things i like about these installations is how totally random they are. one town will have a giant moose, another a giant axe, another a giant spaceship. there is always a story behind this "big stuff" and a little bit of local history.

can-con at its finest.

on a side note, i spotted my first cycle tourist on the transcanada today near lloydminster - it must be may, the start of the cross-canada-cycling season.

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t.hudson said...

Yah, I saw my first two weeks ago pedalling down from Rogers Pass...Oh life on the road. I miss that sometimes. I don't miss the mass injestion of fifty species of different bugs though.