May 22, 2009


my latest read...

here is an exerpt from the book -

Once the dust settles from the various crises rocking financial markets, we are looking at the same basic demand–supply imbalance that we were looking at before the recession began. That imbalance took us to nearly $150 per barrel before the recession set in. In the next cycle, the same imbalance will probably take us to $200 per barrel before another recession temporarily knocks back prices and demand.

pretty interesting read so far. i am not 100% sold on everything he is saying but do agree that we are going to see some big changes coming in the not-too-distant-future. arguments like this serve to support the idea that we need to change the way we have been living for the last 5 decades. the funny thing is that most people are just living for today, without any thought of tomorrow - and its those people who are going to be the ones who complain the loudest and have the hardest time adapting to the new reality that will be higher prices for EVERYTHING!

all you have to do is look at the price of gasoline right now. i was in canmore yesterday and gas was already at $0.98/L - and the summer "driving season" isnt every upon us yet and we are supposedly in the middle of "the great recession". whats gonna happen to those prices when the economy turns around and begins to take off again???

well i am am happy to predict away - and my prediction is that gas will be over a dollar within the next 2 months and by next summer we will again see prices close to $1.50/L. you watch.

once those gas prices get there - and higher - big ideas like Plan It, or small ideas like bike commuting will suddenly not be so revolutionary or radical. they will simply make sense.

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