Jul 7, 2009


hey you!

ya, you!

ya, i am talking at you - mr. or ms. urban dweller. what are you doing this weekend? wanna watch some seriously awesome action - complete with crashes, bashes, bands and beers?

come on out on saturday and sunday this weekend for the second annual ramsay bowl hardcourt bikepolo tournament. teams are coming from as far away as ottawa, nyc, portland, and eastvan. there will be kegs to quench your thirst, beef-on-a-bun to soak up that hangover, and mad poloaction!

see you there?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sorry Carter, just not in the cards this year. Dana is off to the cioast with our car and I'm with the kids for teh next three weeks hangin solo. We're stickin close to home. Good luck post a million photos!