Jul 28, 2009


about 10 days ago, during a weekend evening, some folks walking down the alley behind my house felt brazen enough to waltz into my yard and steal 4 bikes from me - including my sons trail-a-bike.

thankfully, the trail-a-bike was found along with my dads bike and the brown bike but the fuzzy bike is gone. keep your eyes open for it - its kinda hard to miss and we really miss having its fuzzy-happy-vibe here.

so, after the bikes were stolen we decided it would be a good idea to move the rack to a more secure location down the side of my house. you cannot see the bikes from the alley now and we were feeling better about continuing to keep bikes in the rack and not worrying about bikes being ripped off.

well, that doesnt seem to matter as someone has again stolen bikes from me - this time it was one of my dyno cruisers and i am pissed! its obvious to me that whoever stole bikes that first time has come back and pinched another bike from me and i think that fact is what is bugging me the most.

i have been targeted by someone and they feel comfortable enough that they can trespass on my property and steal bikes from me at will. well, mr.bikethief, i have some news for you. if i find you riding my bikes you had better be feeling fit because i am going to chase you down, take back my bike(s) and offer some "hard education" on the results of thieving from this guy.

please keep your eyes open for me and if you think you have seen these bikes, let me know.


Gussy said...

That sucks giant balls. Hopefully you will get them back. They are sweet bikes that deserve a good home, your home. :(

Matt Churchill said...

i know where the fuzzy bike is!
please email me at mchurchill88@gmail.com or call me at 9695703 asap!