Oct 28, 2009

Madsen kg271 Bucket BIke

madsen is based in salt lake city and has been selling bikes for a few short years. this is their first model and enters that market as an affordable box bike.

it arrived at my door in the biggest bike box ever, was fully assembled and mostly ready to go. i had to do a few adjustments and tire seating before the first ride - that was about it. braking duties are handled by a cable disc brake on the front and a v-brake on the back. shifting is provided by a sram 8-speed rear derailleur. a bell, full fenders, chainguard, 2 seats and 4 seatbelts and super-sturdy kickstand are also standard issue. i am especially happy to have the seat and seatbelts for transporting andreas around.

being that this bike is slotted into the "affordable" category (under $2000) of box bike it does come with low-spec parts, tires and hardware, although, this doesnt seem to be noticeable when you are riding the bike. i will be curious to see how some of these parts hold up over the long term.

how does it feel? fast! man-o, this thing feels pretty fast, of course you have to consider its length and weight. the only bike i have to compare was my old xtracycle "tankbike" and the madsen feels much tighter, faster, and sturdier. it proudly states it weight limit right in its name - kg271 (thats almost 600lbs folks!) but definitely doesnt ride like a bike that is basically a pickup truck. the gear range is more than enough for me but others may find themselves wishing for one more easy gear on some of the steeper slopes around here and the sram shifter and derailleur performed perfectly.

my only real complaint (and its not really a complaint as i knew i would have to change a few things) is that the handlebar that it came with is too narrow for me on a big bike like this and the tires and saddle are pretty cheesy.

cant wait to do my first grocery shop and farmers market run soon. i hope andreas likes it too as this will be the way he gets to school everyday.


2wheeler said...

Hot Tub Party!!!

Dallas said...

Hot tub.. hell yeah! or Beer tub !.
Carter you're the trendsetter buddy!.

Cold Bike said...

Kids seem to be programmed to like cargo bikes. My 2 year old gets up just about every morning and tries to convince me that we should go for a bikebikebike ride. (CETMA cargo bike)

Sean Carter said...

@ cold bike - totally agree! my son loved riding on my (now sold) xtracycle and fully expect him to be demanding rides in the bucket. i hope anyway!

@ dallas - buddy, you've been reading my mail! haha! looking forward to filling it up with beer/ice next summer.

Mike@TheBandTruck said...

Hey Tubby!

It's a complement now..

How many pumpkins can you haul in that?

Sean Carter said...

haha! thx for the compliment Cword! pumpkins, eh? 600lbs worth would be my guess!