May 14, 2008

greetings from the queen city

in an effort to get in some training while travelling - and, of course to ride in new places with new people - i was able to get out on tuesday night and partake in the local club ride. it was a "pursuit-style" ride - meaning that the slower groups go first and the faster groups try and catch them before the end. i went with the fast group and it was very fast right from the start. to be honest, it was REALLY fast with our average speed for the first 20km somewhere above 43kph! all in all it was a great ride and it was nice to be riding with people who understand what an echelon is and how it works - i cannot tell you how many times i have been on a ride in alberta where nobody knows how to ride into the wind together! these guys here in saskatchewan should be considered the "dutchmen of canada" as they have incredible winds to deal with everyday and are - by and large - very steady riders and very strong. if you are ever in regina on a tuesday, bring your road bike and go out to this ride.

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