May 14, 2008

salutations from saskatoon

ah - the sun has come out and the warm winds arrived this afternoon in saskatoon. i got a sniff of the thing we call summer and - hmmmmmm - it smelled good! my mission today was to find another ride to do and indeed - that's what i did. i hooked up with the NBR wednesday ride and did a few laps with those guys in the river valley trails in saskatoon. it was beauiful out and roosting around through some valley shrubs was fun. i like the feel - the vibe - of this city. it kinda reminds me of victoria - without the ocean. this long weekend i will be racing in the 18th annual bikes on broadway race. the race has a good reputation and i am looking forward to redeeming myself in the road race and factoring in the crit.

have a nice long weekend!

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Mical said...

Hey Sean

Hope you had fun at Bikes on'd it go?? Sorry I didn't wave the other know, the decked out thule vehicle totally stealth and I didn't realize it was you till after you passed :)
Just got home from California and wanted to let you know that the bike box is's already been on 8 flights and almost all the way around the world. Love it.

See you out on the road.