May 26, 2008

i am on my way to manitoba for the week and the drive from calgary to brandon offered up some cool sights. just west of swift current i spotted 3 cyclists in the distance, labouring, pedalling slowly. as i past them i notice that they are all wearing big backpacks and - insanely - all were riding full-on, downtown, fixies - track bikes people!!! these 3 guys were working across the prairies on track bikes - OMG - what would possess those 3 fellas?! i wonder where they're goin'?

anybody know who this guy is? first correct answer gets a sweet park tool sticker. and, just as i turn off the highway to take the backroad into brandon, i come across a real barn burner! har har! seriously, i could see the smoke for 20 mins before i got there.

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The Experience said...

It's the Moose Jaw moose. Or something like that.