Jun 19, 2008

ahhh! - i can breathe again! i am finally free from the clutches of that nasty bug and have begun to feel kinda "normal" again. i have to say that the cold/flu/bug i had was really nasty and very weird in the way it progressed and would not wish it on anyone. during the time of my self-imposed internment at home i was able to get a few projects done (garden, front patio) and now that the summer has finally arrived i have begun to start riding again as well. today "my sugar" and i rode our fancy bikes down to Prince's Island for a picnic and along the way made stops at Crave Cupcakes, Kensington Wine Market and finally a killer burger stop at Angel's Drive-In in Bowness. All those foods made for some fun riding - buzzed out on cupcakes, drunk on red wine, full-to-the-top on greasy burger - what a summer's day!!!

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waynette said...

sweet. My husband and I are wanting to buy Electra bikes for our 15th wedding anniversary next week – then go on a bike ride with a picnic basket like the one above for a romantic dinner. I hope we can do it. I have tested the bikes out and love them. Now we just need to see if we can afford them.