Jun 1, 2008


i have been ravaged by the plague since my last post and on top of that had to endure the 13hrs drive back from winnipeg with heartburn, sore throat, dizziness, headache and a general longing for my own bed and pillow. i decided today to try and get outside for a short spin on the Indy with the intention of loosening the goblins in my lungs. joining me on my ride was my sugar on her new bike and i am glad i made it out, if even for a little while.

you know, this bike is so nice to ride and it's pretty too - but it's greatest attribute is to illicit all sorts of wonderful comments from passers-by while i am riding it. i think my new favorite-est thing about this bike is the power it seems to have to make john/jane doe see bicycles as not necessarily just for transportation or for sport - but more importantly - as a vehicle for spreading happiness and good vibes everywhere. everyone's lookin' for the same things, you know.

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