Jun 12, 2008

so - i am still battling the plague but dont feel sorry for me as it appears i deserved it. something about being male, an invincibility-complex, not being diligent, family history...anyway i'm not here to complain. i am here to post a little blurb about something i have been wanting to do forever (shut up vinny! i didnt get a sex change!) - which was to get a veggie garden going. it doesnt look like much now - but in a few weeks it should be bitchin...

i am blessed with abundant sunshine and lots of space on my property and it was high time to put the best bits of it to good use. we have yellow onion, spinch, butter lettuce, sugar snap peas, carrots, and corn in the ground. in two weeks i will put more carrot, spinich and lettuce in so we can have fresh eats for weeks in a row! soon the strawberry patch will go in and probably some raspberries too. this is all part of a "grander" landscape redevelopment of my property - with a focus on outdoor living space improvements and a longer term vision towards growing a lot more of my own food. i cant wait to see the look on andreas' face when we get to start eating our bounty. my son loves vegetables and hopefully he'll love these too!

if you are in the neighbourhood in 6 weeks you might want to pop over for a fresh salad a la club1410.

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