Aug 20, 2008

bike polo virgin, no more

after being pestered by fransky to come out to play bike polo for the better part of 10 years now, i finally made it out to the weekly grass game yesterday. i'll blame it on fransky, but really its all about the coming polo tournament in september that myself and some buddies have decided to play in.

like many things in life - this is one thing that i wish i had started doing sooner. bike polo is super fun, a great workout and amazing for your bike handling skills. i had a couple good wipeouts caused by my mallet going into my front wheel and am now starting to appreciate the idea of putting something on my front wheel to keep that from happening again.

from what i have been told, the grass game i played is going to be very different than the hardcourt game of the tournament. speaking with some of the guys at the polo game, it sounds like there are many differences between the two styles - including rules, bikes used, mallets, almost everything.

maybe its ok that i wont have any habits to deal with!

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