Aug 17, 2008

fuzzy happiness

i love riding the fuzzy bike. like, alot.

some of the things i love about this bike - its too small, the seat is loose, so its constantly tilting back and forth, the braking is terrifying, the shifting, spotty. but, my most favorite thing is that its fuzzy orange, with blue dingo balls. i have only seen one other like it and it was the bike that inspired myself and my sugarpie to build our own.

riding around on it inspires laughter, joy, and countless "i cant believe thats". random humans are always taking pictures of it, sitting on it, getting pictures of themselves sitting on it, leaving notes for it. wonderful.

ok, so like, really, my favorite thing about this bike is it seems to break down barriers between total strangers, at first glance.
1. random human spots the bike.
2. eyes get wide.
3. something comes out of their mouth, and they want to ride it.
that seems to be the pattern. the bike seems to get right through to the kid in almost everyone and brings people back to a happier headspace. it is incredible to ride it because you are constantly talking to people, waving back, laughing at their responses - solid gold my friends, solid gold.

i would encourage you to make one and ride it to the store, to pick up the kids, the beer-run - whatever. we salvaged this one from the laneway, cleaned 'er up, and fuzz'd 'er up - just like that. truely incredible how many positive vibes a $50 trip to fabricland could create.

after you have completed your fuzzy bike - send us a pic and story to


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you saw Halcyon's Pink Fur Bike?

Anonymous said...

no - i have never seen this fellas bike - however, its very nice! my fuzzy bikes were inspired by one mangy-looking one i saw outside of my fave pub a couple years ago.