Aug 11, 2008

alley cat and poker run report

pics can be found here

the ride went off without a hitch and everyone that showed up all said they had a great time. the winning time was somewhere around 30min - which is about right - and the top 3 finishers were all west direct messengers - pretty fitting considering "west d" donated a bunch of cash. good job you 2 guys and 1 girl! i just want to make special mention and thanks to all the "west d" people for their support and especially to jim, tom, and greg - you guys are top drawer and having you there helped everything roll smoothly. we had a total of 20 riders register and thanks to our sponsors pretty much everyone walked away with some sweet swag and heaps of steamwhistle.

the racers were happy, our sponsors were happy, we learned a lot and are already planning the next event, which i hope happens in september or october. we did our best to reach out to the calgary messenger community, the racing community, and the casual rider - and we had great representation across all types of riders. we also raised $140 for goodlife community bike shop - and we're hoping to donate it to them so they can cross a few items off of their want list.


Anonymous said...

I wonder, is it all messengers that are welcome, or just the hipster messengers that are welcome?

This snobery is exactly what we are trying to rectify in the cycling community ... it's about having fun on bikes!


s carter said...

roger that.