Jun 7, 2009


what a good time! even if it rained on us a little...

30 hearty souls gathered inside and out of tubby dog's on saturday nite for a fun ride along the river. with the rain coming down sporatically and overcast skies there was not much hope we would see the "strawberry" full moon...

with vladimir's tunes booming out of his cool improvised sound system we departed tubby dog at 1030pm and made a run for the river paths. once on the pathways, the group cruised along at a nice pace, heading west towards edworthy. the rain was falling on us lightly as we departed but eased up - and eventually stopped - revealing the beautiful full moon!


it was so cool to see all the blinking lights rolling along in the pitch black. the sparklers were super nice too and of course, a few fireworks here and there just added to the "renegade" feel of the ride.

good times!

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