Jun 2, 2009

SELF-PORTRAIT - 530am commuter cycling survey

coffee? check.

muffin? check.

pen and paper? check.

numb bum, toes, and fingers? check.


Anonymous said...


I waved at you counting bikes as I drove by in my truck... I was on my way to Canmore, but feeling serious guilt for not riding. Good job on getting the stats, I'm seeing more and more people every year. Now if we can just get the city to sweep the bike streets we'll be set.


t.hudson said...

Yah Sean, I'm proud of you buddy! You are a serious component of my advocacy here in Golden. Keep up the great work. Will you post your results or is it for a larger program?

Sean Carter said...

the results were posted on bikecalgary.org - here is the link to the conversation - http://bikecalgary.org/?q=node/1299

take care bud!