Jun 6, 2009

Object of desire - for some

"Just south of the Globe building in Toronto is a thicket of shiny new glass towers reaching toward the sky. These are the dwellings of the Condo People - hip young multiracial 20- and 30-somethings who labour in our city's knowledge industries. They have all the stuff you can fit into an 800-square-foot condo - iPods, iPhones, flat-screen TVs, and (for couples) fluffy little condo-sized dogs.

What they do not have is cars.

They don't need them. They can walk to work, or take the subway. If they need a car, they can walk up the street and rent one for 11 bucks an hour. Not only is a car not a necessity for them. It's an expensive nuisance."...

...more commentary on the coming auto-apocalypse and subsequent lifestyle changes that will be forced on the late-adopters.

i too was once seduced by the hype surrounding automobiles. in my case, my lust was for a VW EuroVan - which i eventually bought new back in 2003. i saved my pennines, ordered if from germany - then waited. finally it arrived and i too had my picture taken standing beside it in the dealer's lot.

so proud of myself.

then, 2 years later i lost my job, almost went broke and had to sell it at a loss. that hurt. alot.

but lusting after it, saving for it, finally owning it, and ultimately having to unload it taught me a badly needed lesson - cars cost a lot of money, they never fullfill their promise, and i dont want to spend money on one if i dont have to.

dont believe the (auto makers) hype!

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