Nov 17, 2006

Brian Kullman Memorial Ride

Calling all ABA riders in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding area. This Sunday November 19th, since the weather looks to co-operate, we will be hosting a memorial ride for Brian Kullman. I'm sure all of you have received the previous email from Andy and understand this tragic loss. We will be meeting at Cadence Café in Bowness(6407 Bowness Rd) at 12pm and leaving at 12:30pm. We will ride from Cadence to Brian's home in Inglewood where we will have a short remembrance service. The route we will ride(for the late people) will be Bowness Road to Memorial Drive. Memorial to the Z00 Rd NE(zoo bridge) and then east on 9th Ave. We will be contacting the media about this ride so that the public can see how much he had touched the cycling community. We will also be encouraging recreational riders to join us. Please come out and show your support.

This is a shot from the top of Kitt Peak in Arizona of all of us that were there in april. it was an honour to ride with all of you there - and - i know its a little late but i am sorry i was so grumpy towards you during my time there bk - i just wish i could have said that to you before you were taken.

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