Nov 25, 2006

just in case you were thinking we were in for a winter like last year - i give you this:

Tired of the Heat? Hang on – 2007 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac Predicts “SHIVERY IS NOT DEAD”Lewiston, ME: After a hot summer in most of Canada, cool news is on the way. The new edition of the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, which blows into town every year around the end of August, contains some chilly predictions for the upcoming winter."Shivery is not dead" reveals the 2007 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, alluding to its winter weather forecast. “While global warming has taken up much of our attention (as well as news coverage), our winter predictions are pointing towards widespread cold condition, especially for the western sections of the country,” shares Peter Geiger, Philom., Editor. Geiger continues, “After last year’s unusual warmth, this chill might make winter harder than usual.”The 2007 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, released August 28, 2006, predicts frigidly cold weather for Alberta, Saskatchewan, as well as for parts of Manitoba and eastern British Columbia, “where temperatures could average as much as 10°C. below seasonal normals, or nearly 20°C. colder than last winter.” As for snow, the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac predicts the Rockies could see above normal snowfall this upcoming winter.The Farmers’ Almanac, which has been providing long-range weather predictions every year since 1818, bases its forecasts on a top secret mathematical and astronomical formula. Many who follow its predictions say they are 80 to 85% accurate.If you don’t like the shivery forecast, hang on. The 2007 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, which includes 16 months (September 2006 through December 2007) of zoned weather predictions, is also calling for a very warm and dry summer for most areas of the country.

well - i think we all were hoping for a repeat of last winter's warm conditions and minimal snowfall but it looks as though we are in for the opposite. it will be good for lots of reasons - good skiing, more reason to stay inside and cuddle in front of the fire with that special someone, dead pine beetles (die!die!), and great anticipation for the warm weather to come.

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Anonymous said...

They're all full of shit. Environment Canada was predicting a warmer-than-normal winter for most of the country only a few months ago.

Apparently El Nino is rearing it's ugly head again and has only picked up steam in the past couple of months, so that may be changing things.

Always remember that late November/early December always seems to be witch's teat cold.

Only three more weeks until the days start getting longer again -whew.