Nov 4, 2006


i will be participating in my first running "race" tonite in banff and i am not really excited about it. i had good intentions a few months ago when i signed up - but - since then i have gone "training" for the event exactly 3 times. the last time a ran was a month ago for 20 minutes. since then i have not run at all and have been on one hike and one mtb ride. it has been very difficult to get myself to do anything besides work, raise my kid, and work some more - and occasionally drink too much with my friends - you know who you are!

there are exactly three things i am looking forward to tonite. 1 - having someone to run with who has not trained either (thx allison). 2 - the free beers, food and party to follow. 3 - hopefully the sky will be clear and we will be running under the fullmoon tonite.

wish me luck.

anyone have a good physiotherapist they can recommend?


so all went well. the temperature was cool but nice, there was a little bit of cloud in the sky but the fullmoon was able to illuminate our efforts some none the less. allison and i trotted out the distance and it was over a little quicker than i expected. all in all i felt great - however - my legs are killing me right now - as expected! we consumed our obligatory 2 free beers and hightailed it out of there before the "chill" could get us - back to the chalet for some of julie's famous lasagna, vino, and good times. i am in for next year for sure as it was a great time.



Velodrome racer said...

Mr Carter your a sucker for punishment i'd come out and run with you but my ass is married to the couch. have fun.


The Experience said...

You're in for a world of hurt! Good luck. I'll keep a beer cold for you.

Reid Dalgleish said...

Way to go, Sean! You should come to the dark side over the winter and get some mileage in on those feet! LG should start making shoes! LOL

re: your email on the weekend -- Natasha will talk to you about things on Friday, okay?