Nov 12, 2006

oh BK - where are you?

all of this is a little bit much to take.

there is not much i can add to that press release - other than to perhaps hope and pray that this nightmare is just that -

unreal -

fleeting -

eventually realized as just a dream.

oh BK - are you safe?

- - UPDATE - -

it seems that the police have identified the body found in K-Country as Brian's. what a tragedy.

r.i.p. bk

bk - i hope that there are endless, twisting country roads, brilliant coffee shops, and beautiful views where you are now.

godspeed to you

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree Sean, and if bk has his way, where he is now has punnishing climbs, and the only components are Campy.

Someday we'll all meet again, on a cool fall morning. We'll ride a social recovery ride - bk will frequently attack - and we'll all enjoy the views, the coffee and each other. That's how I will always remember bk and the rest of my Calgary cycling friends.