Oct 12, 2006


i had the opportunity to go to the whiskey last evening to see corb lund and the hurtin' albertans' with jesse. initially i was not interested in going to see a "country" show but with a little prodding i agreed to go. when we arrived at the door there was a huge lineup and the show was sold-out yet somehow we made it into the show - don't ask.

the opening act - elliott brood - came on around 1030pm - a tight 3-piece dressed in black shortsleeved suits and ties - and proceeded to blow my mind. their first song was this sonic explosion of banjo and guitar with a serious backbeat. i was imagining myself at a violent femmes show 15 yrs ago while they were playing - simply amazing. the rest of their set was equally stunning. their sound has been described as "death country" - whatever that means. have a listen - and make sure you have a bottle of whiskey with you.

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