Oct 22, 2006

Stony Squaw - Banff

with the prospect of sunshine, warmer temperatures and childcare coming together on sunday, a crew of us headed out to Banff to ride the popular trail. good call. the weather was great and it felt good/bad to be riding again after such a long break from road or xc riding. this is a true, classic, old school, tough trail. very hard and technical up - paired with equally challenging and fast down. Love It! Anyway - hopefully Pete will post a few pics from the day soon on his site.

Trail Tip #17 - do not eat burgers and climb savage uphills within one hour of each other.


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The Experience said...

I tried something similar once. Back in high school I played rugby and decided that right before a game I needed something light to eat and had a bacon cheeseburger. That didn't work out so well. Another reason why I'm vegetarian now?