Oct 28, 2006

shagganappi cyclocross race

what a great venue for a 'cross race. i hope that we will have another event here in the future. here are a few pics from the day...vinni and myself had a good time wandering the course taunting the racers with beers and generally acting like dumbasses. the organizers of the event did a great job on the details...chili...a warm fire pit...big fat salted pretzels...and plenty of cold Sleeman.

the pics below are of hopping, bidniak, cummings, vinci, and shearer - in that order.


The Experience said...

Nice pic of RC! Well done Sean.

RC said...

Mr. Carter - that's a wicked shot you got of me on the run up. Thanks!


Mr Carter said...

i have lots of pics - anyone who want one just let me know. i also have pics of heemskerk, kovacs, and a few others.

PEr said...

You got picks for pdotproductions? East End Supercross turned out great considering the weather. Thanks again for the Garneau support!

Velodrome racer said...

Great pics Mr Carter. can you email the pics you took of me?